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Welcome to The Horsey Life

It’s a story as old as time…

Little girl loves horses. Little girl wants a horse. Sometimes she gets one, sometimes she doesn’t, but the passion burns all the while.

If you’re the parents of a horse-loving child, you know what it’s like to have every Christmas or birthday wish list start with, “Can I please have a horse?” You also know that you have no idea how to answer that question. I’ve created “So the Kids Want a Horse” just for you.

It will answer the questions you had no idea you should even ask, and give you a bit more confidence in knowing that the next time you hear the “Can I please have a horse?” plea, your answer will be well thought out, and the correct decision for you, your horse loving offspring, and the potential new four-hooved family member.

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If you’re the grownup version of that horse loving child…

and you’ve finally reached a point in your life when you’re ready to jump in (or back in) to the world of horses, you’ll find your home at Find Yourself on a Horse. Everything from the best ways to get back into horses to how to get back onto a horse after a fall. You’ll learn things you thought you already knew, you’ll learn how to deal with the changes in your body and your bravery since you rode a decade or more ago, and as this blog grows, you’ll find a community to support you. Start reading HERE. To join my email list and receive a free copy of “Find Yourself on a Horse – The 7 Pillars of Success”, Sign up below.

If you’re a midlife rider who wants to rekindle the joy horses brought you in your teens…

The Horsey Life Coach may be just what you’re looking for. As an internationally certified riding instructor, a life coach, and a mid-life rider myself, I understand how much we want our riding and our horse experiences to be like they were when we were younger. I also understand the frustration we can face when learning to develop trust, clear communication and understanding – an all around great partnership with your horse. For a free coaching session to help you uncover some of the roadblocks to the great relationship you want with your horse, sign upĀ HERE.

And if you simply love horses…

we have a place for you as well. Begin reading my posts about what it’s life to craft one’ so life around horses on The Horsey Life page, and then visit other pages as your heart desires. If you’d like to receive updates when new posts are up, new courses are offered, or new The Horsey Lifee-books available, please enter your name and email below. Thank you for sharing the Horsey Life with me.

Why listen to me?

I understand where you are. I was the horse crazy kid who never outgrew the passion. I was lucky enough to have a horse as a child, and then went on to build my life around my passion. I’ve taught hundreds of people to ride on two continents, but more importantly, I’ve taught them how to take the lessons they learn from working with horses, and use them to improve other parts of their lives. I like to say that I empower women in the barn and beyond.

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