The Horsey Life

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The Horsey Life

The Horsey Life blog may serve up anything from reflections on horse ownership, lessons learned, and the general magnificence of horses.

I’ve been a professional horse woman for nearly 40 years, and still am amazed by what I learn from and about horses on a daily basis.

So the Kids Want a Horse


Based on the book I’m writing — So the Kids Want a Horse. Hopefully the title is relatively self-explanatory – but if not, the blog and book are geared toward parents of horse-crazy kids.

Find Yourself on a Horse


Find Yourself on a Horse is a blog, (and soon to be a book and an online course) dedicated to empowering women in the barn – and beyond. Think of it like getting life coaching tips from your horse.

The Horse Writer

The Horse Writer, LLC is my freelance writing business. I write mainly (or should I say “manely”?) for the equine industry. Looking for a newsletter for your barn or competition? Need your social media accounts managed? Press releases, advertorials, and articles – all done by a professional horsewoman who’s also a professional writer. Head over to my site and check it out.

Having "issues" at home or work? Let your horse help you fix them.


Learn 3 simple exercises that will help you gain awareness, clarity, and improved communication skills. Master them with your horse and watch the improvements in your relationships with the people in your life!

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