The Horsey Life

Because it’s never just about the riding


You’ve waited your whole life for this. You always loved horses but never got to ride when you were young. Or perhaps you’re one of the fortunate ones. Maybe horses were a part of your youth, but then life happened, and it’s been a long time since you’ve heard a soft nicker greet you, or inhaled the wonderful aromas of horses, tack, and hay.

If you’re like many women, you may find that riding isn’t quite the same as you remembered. Maybe you’re not as nimble (who is?), maybe there are a lot of responsibilities weighing on your mind, or maybe you’re facing some unexpected feelings of fear.

Whatever your situation, it can help to have a friend who’s walked in your paddock boots. Someone who knows the wonderful joy horses can bring, but also understands the challenges. Someone who’s in your corner, and doesn’t think the word “should” belongs in anyone’s vocabulary. I’d like to be that person.

Why me?

Hi, my name is Penny Hawes. I’m a life-long horse-woman, trainer, riding instructor, and coach. Over my decades of working with horses, and the women who love them, I’ve learned a thing or three about horses – but just as importantly, I’ve learned a LOT about mid-life horsewomen. The Horsey Life is a place to share some of that wisdom with you.

What is the Horsey Life?

The Horsey Life is a gathering place for midlife women who have, had, or would like to have horses as part of their life. It doesn’t matter if you want to ride, drive, or just hang out with horses – you want a Horsey Life.

I’ll share blog posts about the Horsey Life, but also about midlife. So much of our Horsey Life reflects what’s happening on the bigger stage, it’s all interconnected. Riding is life in a microcosm, and remember, it’s never just about the riding.

What I believe

We’re drawn to horses for a reason. Horses often provide us with the mirror we need to look into our own souls and become our very best. I think of riding as “life in a microcosm”. Whatever our strengths and growth opportunities are in “real life” are likely to be amplified with our horses. I can help you uncover patterns and take steps to turn your stumbling blocks into mounting blocks.

My Gift to You

It can be overwhelming at times – we’ve got so much on our plates: family, home, job, volunteer work (or second job), carving out time for our Horsey Life is challenging, and we want to make the most of every moment we spend at the barn. If you’re like me, sometimes by the time you arrive at the barn, you’re not feeling much like you can relax and enjoy your precious time with your horse.

To help maximize your Horsey Life time, I’ve created 60 Seconds to Calm – 3 short exercises you can do in 60 seconds or less, anytime, anywhere (yes, even on your horse!) So pop your email address in below and I’ll get 60 Seconds to Calm right out to you!

Here’s to living our very best Horsey Life!

What’s next?

Head over to my Start Here page for an overview of the Horsey Life, including how you can work with me. On the Blog PageI share timely bits of wisdom I’ve learned from horses and the women who love them. You may notice some posts are in the Horsey Life 101 category, while others are tagged Welcome Back. Feel free to read every single word of every single post – you never know what little nugget you might pick up. Want more inspiration and connection with other midlife horsewomen? Join The Horsey Life Community on Facebook!

The Horsey Life 101

The Horsey Life 101 category is full of information for those of you that are just starting your Horsey Life. It’s practical advice to help you navigate that sometimes winding trail with humor, encouragement, & compassion.

Welcome Back

The Welcome Back category is aimed toward those of you who rode when you were younger and are rebooting your Horsey Life. It covers some of the things we deal with as midlife riders that we never even considered when we were kids (stiff joints anyone?) You’ll find helpful tips delivered with a great deal of humor, because sometimes you just have to laugh…

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