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As many of you who know me know, I’d not someone who asks for help very often. I have always considered myself strong and resilient; however, Sarah’s recent cancer diagnosis has knocked the wind out of me. 

I’ve started a GoFundMe to help our family meet the costs of making one of our vehicles safe and reliable enough to transport Sarah to weekly chemo, add insulation to our old house (60 degrees is great if you’re healthy – that’s what sweaters are for, but not great when you’re on chemo.) It will also be used to help cover Sarah’s living expenses while she’s unable to work, and our family’s while our work hours will be reduced caring for Sarah.

Any amount is hugely appreciated, and if you’re willing and able to share – that would be so helpful!


Welcome Horsewomen!

Do you love horses? Are you a new, or “encore” horsewoman looking for more than “just” riding lessons? Do you wish for confidence, when you have anxiety or fear?

Stepping into the Horsey Life as an adult brings its own challenges and rewards. We may not be aren’t as nimble as we were as teens, “free” time may be a whole lot less free, and we definitely have more responsibilities on our plate.

Whatever your situation, it can help to have a friend who’s walked in your paddock boots. Someone who knows the wonderful joy horses can bring, but also understands the challenges. Someone who’s in your corner, and doesn’t think the word “should” belongs in anyone’s vocabulary. I’d like to be that person. I’ll share the wisdom my horses and students have given me over my lifetime.

If “thinking outside the ring” is important to you, I hope you’ll enjoy The Horsey Life. Want to connect with other horsewomen? Join The Horsey Life Community on Facebook!


Remember to Love Your Horse, Love Your Life, & Love Yourself!


Why me?

Hi, my name is Penny Hawes. I’m a life-long horse-woman, trainer, riding instructor, and coach. Over my decades of working with horses, and the women who love them, I’ve learned a thing or three about horses – but just as importantly, I’ve learned a LOT about new and “re-newed” horsewomen. My goal with the Horsey Life is to provide a safe place for horsewomen to connect and share our wideom.

What is the Horsey Life?

The Horsey Life is a gathering place for new and “re-newed” horsewomen. Whether you want to ride, drive, or just hang out with horses – you want a Horsey Life.

I’ll be sharing tips and wisdom about your Horsey Life, but also about your life beyond the barn. Our Horsey Life reflects what’s happening in our “real” lives. I take a holistic view and believe that riding is life in a microcosm. My goal is to empower women in the barn & beyond. I hope you’ll join our community!

What I believe

We’re drawn to horses for a reason. Horses often provide us with the mirror we need to look into our own souls and become our very best. Whatever our strengths and growth opportunities are in “real life” are likely to be amplified when we interact with horses. I can help you uncover patterns and take steps to turn your stumbling blocks into mounting blocks.

My Gift to You

Carving out time for our Horsey Life is challenging given the fact that our lives are already so busy, so we want to make the most of every moment we spend at the barn.

If you arrive at the barn after a long day tired and stressed about everything else going on in the world, your stress and anxiety are immediately noticed by your horse.

To help maximize the quality of your horse-time, I’ve created 60 Seconds to Calm – 3 short exercises you can do in 60 seconds or less, anytime, anywhere (yes, even on your horse!) So pop your email address in below and I’ll get 60 Seconds to Calm right out to you!

Love Your Horse, Love Your Life & Love Yourself!

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What’s next?

Head over to my Start Here page for an overview of the Horsey Life, including how you can work with me. On the Blog PageI share timely bits of wisdom I’ve learned from horses and the women who love them. You may notice some posts are in the Horsey Life 101 category – these are aimed at the New Horsewoman. Posts tagged Welcome Back   – were written with you “renewed” horsewomen in mind.

I encourage you to read each and every post – you never know what little nugget you might pick up.

Want more inspiration and connection with other midlife horsewomen? Join The Horsey Life Community on Facebook!

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