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Calming Anxiety in the Barn & Beyond

Because it’s never just about the riding

What if there was a lever you could pull anytime, anywhere, (yes, even on your horse!) to lessen your anxiety?

Well, now there is.

This is Calming Anxiety in the Barn & Beyond

A 3-week mini-course to teach horsewomen powerful, portable practices to alleviate anxiety at the barn (even on your horse!) and beyond!

  • Do you wish you had a quick way to help calm yourself when your horse’s behavior (or anyone else’s for that matter) makes you stress?


  • Do you have lingering riding fears from a previous issue?


  • Maybe it’s just life in general – and you’re too busy trying to do all the things to even catch a breath.


If this sounds like you, signing up for Calming Anxiety in the Barn &n Beyond can be the best gift you’ve ever given yourself!

The Next Class Begins in August! 


What You’ll Learn.

woman petting horse
The Horsey Life
The Horsey Life

The Amazing Power of Awareness

The Benefits of Breathing

Tapping into Calm with EFT

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