3 Ways Horsewomen Can Be Their Own Worst Enemies (and 2 Strategies to Help Get Over It!)

This week’s episode covers how we, as horsewomen, and, women in general, self-sabotage. What’s with the guilt, the worrying, and the overthinking? Does it really help us be prepared if there’s an issue with our horse? Tune in and find the answers to these and other questions!

Mentioned in this episode:

Human and Equine First Aid Kit Checklist: https://thehorseylife.com/first-aid-kit-checklist/


Connection Training  Website: https://connectiontraining.com/learn-ct-online-2/

The (Horsey) Life Coach STABLE Coaching Framework

In this episode, I go into the framework I use with my students and clients. STABLE stands for Successful Transformation and Balancing Life Experience. I also cover the 5 Simple (But Not Easy) Steps to Transformation, and give you a little introduction to some of my favorite equine teachers over the years!

Well This Took a Little Longer Than I Expected….

Well This Took a Little Longer Than I Expected….

I was all set to launch my podcast this spring, but as all horse people know, life happens. The good news? Life is happening in a much more user-friendly way now than it was a few months ago, and Find Yourself, on a Horse – The Podcast is launching August 1st.

I’ll be covering strategies that have helped my students and clients for years. Exercises to help develop your confidence, courage, and connection, strategies that are portable, practical, and just plain effective!

I hope that this becomes your new favorite podcast – my goal with it is to help women transform their relationships with their horses and, ultimately, themselves – one breath at a time.

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