All too often, things like energy healing (Reiki, Sound Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique – aka Tapping, etc.) get brushed off as too “woo woo,” so it isn’t surprising that someone purporting to be able to communicate with your horse from several hundred miles away, over the phone, is often met with skepticism, at best, and insults or attempted public shaming, at worst.

A discussion I saw recently in a Facebook group gave me pause. The original post was written by a woman with a new horse who seemed anxious and didn’t like his face being touched. She engaged an animal communicator who gave her some insight, and things turned around almost immediately. Generally, the 500+ comments were positive, but one, in particular, made me shake my head. The person basically replied that anyone who knew anything about horses would know the stuff the communicator shared, indicating that the original poster was a dunce. I was surprised at the strength of my reaction – I wanted to reach through the Meta World and pop her one. Smug much?? Jeez!

I understand that some people don’t believe (with or without the Pixie dust) the gifts animal communicators offer to horse owners – but having experienced it firsthand, I can assure you I DO believe. When I first got my mare, I had some concerns about whether we were a good fit or not. Despite having been a professional trainer and instructor for decades, selling horses was never my thing – once I have someone in my life, I like it to STAY in my life – (as evidenced by the fact that I’ve been married for nearly 43 years. 🙂 So, I was keeping some emotional distance while trying to sort out a few issues we seemed to have. Trainer extraordinaire (and all-around amazing person) Kim Walnes had mentioned an animal communicator to me several years earlier, so I contacted her and got ahold of the woman she recommended. To say that she was spot on wouldn’t even begin to cover it.

All I had told the woman was that I had a new horse, her name and that I didn’t know much about her history. The first thing Theresa said was that Bella wanted to know why I didn’t love her… (cue the jaw-drop and the tears…). She went on to relate several situations I knew to be true (but hadn’t mentioned) and how they affected my mare. At the end of the 45 minutes,

3 horses grazing.

Laddie, Bella, and Ammo

Theresa said that there were two male energies who were making themselves known and wanted to be heard. Bella shared a field with two geldings, my warmblood Laddie and their pasture-buddy Ammo. Theresa said both of the boys assured her that I was the person Bella needed and that she was absolutely the right horse for me. (This is the part of the story where the goosebumps kick in.) Laddie and Ammo had been loafing by the barn in the back of the field. At that point, they both walked the several hundred feet to Bella and took positions on either side of her, and all three of them looked at me. No ear twitched back, no power moves; they just stood and looked at me. This is a big part of why I believe. (I’ll save the story about summoning the Grizzly bear at the Zoo for another day…)

There really are more things on heaven and earth than dreamt of in our lives (sorry, Mr. Shakespeare…). I find that people often scoff at things they don’t understand, and I’d like to humbly suggest that perhaps opening our minds in order to understand a bit more might be a good path to take in life.

One of the modalities I use in my coaching (and in my life on a daily basis) is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as Tapping. I admit that it does seem slightly outside the realm of believability that tapping on various acupuncture points can relieve a bevy of symptoms, emotional and physical. And yet, my dear skeptical friends, there are literally hundreds of research studies showing the efficacy of Tapping in treating everything from PTSD to severe headaches to colds.

Like animal communication, I totally believe in Tapping because it has worked for my clients and me! If you’re curious (remember, we’re opening our minds a bit, right?), click on the link below to get my free introductory guide to Tapping for Horsewomen. And if you want to learn more about Tapping and other helpful tips, strategies, and stories, make sure to catch my podcast, Find Yourself, on a Horse. It goes live on August 1, and when you sign up to receive the Tapping guide, I’ll also send you any pre-launch news regarding the podcast (don’t worry, I won’t stuff your inbox or spam you).

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