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Because it’s never just about the riding

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I love helping horses & the women who love them.

I’ve taught folks to ride for over 40 years (wow, that’s a sobering thought!). What I’ve come to realize is that riding is life in a microcosm. If you have difficulties setting boundaries with your horse, chances are those challenges show up in your life beyond the barn as well. Fearful of looking like an idiot in new situations?  Honestly, haven’t you ever wanted to learn a new skill, but held back because you didn’t want to fail in public? I know I have!

Over decades of teaching, I’ve developed the ability to help my students identify stumbling blocks, in the barn and beyond, and find new and creative ways to get to the root of what’s going on. One of my students asked her boss for a long-overdue raise the day after finally getting up the nerve to canter for the first time (at the age of 53). Not only did she love cantering, but she loved her new salary as well!

What I’ve learned is that riding is life in a microcosm.

Want to learn more? Click below and I’ll send you my 10 Minute Toolkit – a handful of exercises you can do in 10-minutes or less (I guess that’s pretty obvious given the name!) Not only are the exercises brief, they require no special equipment, and can be done anywhere, in the barn and beyond!

So download the 10 Minute Toolkit and see improvements in your horsey life today, and remember, it’s never just about the riding.

Since 1978

That’s how long I’ve been a certified riding instructor. Over the dozens of years and hundreds (perhaps thousands) of students, I’ve picked up some useful stuff along the way. I hope you like what I have to share!

I hope you join me

You've waited your whole life for this.

Now it's your turn.

Welcome to your Horsey Life.

Download the 10-Minute Toolkit & join hundreds of other midlife women who want the most out of their Horsey Life.

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