I don’t know about you, but I sure as heck don’t need a Stress Awareness Month to become aware of my stress!! Seriously, between losing my Mom in February, COVID, furloughs, loss of my job, and having to drop my husband off at the ER when his doctor called at 7:30 am and said he needed to get to the hospital because his kidneys were failing. It turned out to be something fixable, but for 2 1/2 days, I didn’t know if I’d ever see him again. Then my own brief visit to the ER (again, easily fixable), and leaving my job in September – 2020 is a year I certainly hope remains in the record books as Worst Year Ever (I don’t know how we’d cope if there was a worse year!!)

I think that, as horsewomen, we have an advantage over so many people during this anxiety-ridden time. Our horses become our safety nets, our confidants, and our warm shoulder to cry on when we need to just let it out. Horses have an innate sense of when we need emotional support, which allows us to go to them for comfort (which I have done hundreds, if not thousands, of times). But sometimes even our horses(or a steady diet of Stouffer’s Mac & Cheese) aren’t enough – sometimes we need help in figuring out where to go from here, wherever “here” may be. You just need that next best step…

If you’ve ever had riding lessons, your riding instructor probably helped you with your position, your aids, and how to communicate with the horse you’re riding. That’s all vital information about riding, but honestly, it’s never just about the riding!

It’s layer upon layer of goals, dreams, fears, and hopes. It’s about understanding why you want to have a horsey life. It’s about reaching your dreams and discovering who you are, in the barn & beyond. Sometimes you need someone to just hold a flashlight to illuminate your next step. That’s where The Horsey Life Coaching programs come in.

As a coach, I’m able to help my clients understand stress, anxiety, fear, lack of confidence – all those fun emotions that seem to appear when you consider trying something new. I also facilitate a path forward for women who wish to explore and deepen their connections with their horses, their lives, themselves, and the Divine.

I want to be straight with you right here and let you know that I am NOT a therapist. If you need to heal from past trauma or have clinical depression – go to a medical provider. There is absolutely no shame in needing help. When you need help with the really hard things – please go to the appropriate person/people for help. I can help you figure out your goals and your next best step to achieve them, but our starting point is always where we are right now.

In case you’re wondering about the name: The Horsey Life Coach, I came up with it almost by default. To be honest, I’ve kind of shied away from the term “life coach”. It’s generic and has become a bit of a cliche. I like Confidence Coach, but that’s too limited – I help women discover so much more than confidence. I finally decided that adding “Coach” to the end of The Horsey Life was a nice segue into the coaching part of my business. I’m excited about the service I’m offering horsewomen – I believe I can help you live your best Horsey Life!

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