Welcome to the Horsey Life!

Welcome to the Horsey Life! I’m looking forward to sharing lots of equine stories, tips, photos and events with you on these pages.

To give you a little bit of my background, I’m a woman of a certain age (on the outside at least; inside, I’m still a horse-crazy girl ;-)) who has loved, owned and trained horses for about 4 decades. My credentials include a British Horse Society Assistant Instructor’s Certificate and several regional and national dressage and side-saddle titles.  I’m fortunate enough to be able to work with horses full-time, having recently quit my “sensible” job – you know, the one with the health insurance and the 401-K. Sometimes doing what you were put here to do means being brave enough to jump – there’s really no other way to fly.

I share my life with my (very patient) husband and our 26 year old daughter. Our 4 legged family consists of 7 cats, 5 dogs and 7 horses. Three of the horses are well into their 30’s – retired school horses who used to work with us teaching lessons at our farm in Connecticut. Two of the horses are in their 20’s and then there’s an 11 year old and my “baby” – Atlas. He’s an 18.2 hand warmblood I adopted from Brook Hill Farm (brookhillfarm.org) which is a horse rescue in Forest, Virginia. As one of my two jobs is teaching riding lessons at Brook Hill, you’ll be hearing more about this wonderful place in posts to come. Meanwhile – be sure to check out their site. In my next post, I’ll tell you a little bit about adopting horses and share the story of how Atlas adopted me.

Until then, enjoy living the horsey life my friends!